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With hundreds of dollars invested in your battery inventory, you want to ensure they lasts as long as possible and that you're rotating your batteries for even consumption. The Battery List/Inventory page provides a snapshot of your active battery inventory, their configuration and the number of cycles on each:
Battery List

The Battery Detail Page provides additional battery configuration and consumption data and links to related reports:
Battery Detail

Review various reports such as the Battery Depletion Report to gauge the health and longevity of your battery investment:
Battery Depletion

Keep track of the active and retired models in your fleet with the Model List page which also includes the number of logged flights for each model:
Model List

The Model Detail Page, provides additional model configuration data, history and statistics as well as links to utilization statistics such as average battery depletion for a specific model, flight duration statistics and more:
Model Detail

Keep a running list of the places you fly with the Location List:
Location List

Monitor your progress, milestones and maintenance information with the Flight Log. Icons provide a visual indication of excessive battery depletion, crash-indicators, and one-click links to sites hosting videos and photos of your flights:
Flight Log

The Log Detail Page is the heart of the system. Enter flight data such as flight date, flying field, battery, and model. Repetitive data entry is simplified by pre-populating fields with common historical values. Track maintenance, milestones, achievements and keep annotations of relevant flight information. Enter battery consumption data to monitor the health and performance of your batteries. Enter the URL's of your favorite photo and video hosting web sites to link flight information with the actual video or photos of your flight:
Log Detail

Track various performance and usage metrics such as Flights per Month via intuitive visual reports:
Flights Per Month
View realtime weather, wind and temperature trends at your flying fields. Click links to view your club's website and driving directions to your fields:
Location DetailThis is just a sample of the features available at MyRCLog.com and feedback from users like you drive continuous innovation so sign-up now and start enjoying the benefits of MyRCLog.com.